My Style of Reading

My style is informed, perceptive and truthful. I’ll try to be gentle, but I will ask questions that might make you uncomfortable as we confront your situation, together. It will help bring about insight, clarity and peace, which is why you’re wanting a reading in the first place. The Tarot is a tool to help you achieve that and the more honest you are with yourself, and me, the better in the long run.

I honestly believe the people I read for, are now willing to change the things they weren’t in the past. And this isn’t easy, for anyone. Goddess knows I’ve been there, done it and bought that t-shirt. Which is why I can help you through it too. It’s time to be brave.

The Tarot can also provide an overview of what is going on and point out positive steps you can take to achieve your outcomes. There are a number of options for how your reading is delivered. Video call has been popular since Covid and I’ve talked with people in Hawaii, Australia, the States and other areas of the World.