Why should I pick you?

Like the Stoat from the Wildwood, I am able to listen, discern the truth and be discreet. What’s said between us stays between us. The skills I learned in my corporate life apply here, for you.

I have experience in reading the cards and answering the question you’ve asked, but answering the one you didn’t ask too. The cards convey which one is which.

I do combine elements from other paths, such as astrology, numerology, runes and i-Ching, though that’s not an exhaustive list.

What kind of readings do you do?

Trust me, I get asked this a lot. Can I tell the future? What are the lottery numbers? If I knew the lottery numbers, I’d not be living in the middle of England. What I do is provide you with a window to your own inner resources, to remind you of things you can do and how you might want to do them. The Tarot often conveys what you’re not doing, just as much as the things you are. This helps offer a greater understanding and clarity. This happens when we discuss your situation, however we have agreed to, just like you’d talk with your doctor or car mechanic.

Why should I pay you?

Well, do you value things that are free? I mean, really appreciate them? Probably not. You’re paying me for the time we’re together, but you’re backing the nearly two decades of learning I’ve put into this craft and continue to do even to this day.

You can get true free readings from real readers at TABI. They’re not an app or automated, they’re how I learned, with a mentor guiding me.

I’m human, I’m empathic, and I’m not a machine. I see connections that a computer cannot and like you, I have bills to pay, and things to buy that aren’t just books or more decks. Buying a reading enters us both into a contract, which means that the exchange is fair. Don’t you want to be treated fairly?

What is the Tarot?

The Tarot is 78 cards in a set structure. Poker playing cards are based on this system, though with 3 courts rather than 4. And the Tarot has the bigger life cards, the Major Arcana. You know, the ones used in James Bond (The Lovers in Live And Let Die) and various programmes through the years. I’ve even used them in my books and there are romance books based on Tarot cards.

How does it work?

I believe the future is fluid, like a river that constantly flows. In that regard, I view the Tarot as being the signs along the river of life, indicating where it might be good for you to navigate your boat to, where the rapids & crocodiles are. The more you navigate your own boat, the better your journey will be. Occasionally, we all need to moor up, take stock, reflect, and rest. Then, it’s time to get on with the journey. I’m just a jetty that you stop at, helping you to take stock for a moment, giving you ideas of which stream to float on down, and why.

Can I email you my question beforehand?

Feel free to! I’d love it if you do as refining that question means we can just get to the cards in the session. That said, I’m not going to “read” the cards you’ve drawn for yourself; unless you’re in my readers’ group. That’s the perk of being in that group.

Why are your readings for entertainment purposes only?

The answer goes back to 2008 when the British Government (along with a few others) created a new law which, in essence, says you should regard Tarot Readings as entertainment. I abide by that law. What I advise or suggest, isn’t a substitute for professional legal, financial or counselling advice.

If I’m not happy, can I have my money back?

Please check out my refund policy and purchase mindfully.