These ethics were created when I joined TABI. They’re why I joined TABI.

  • The reading between us is just that, between us.
  • My aim is to empower you, the person asking for a reading. Not a friend, your lover, your ex: you.
  • You are responsible for your actions & your decisions. The way I use the Tarot is to help you, and give you other options that you haven’t seen. What you do with that is down to you.
  • A Tarot reading is a substitute for paid-for, professional advice. I’m not a solicitor, lawyer, doctor or financially trained. If you need those services, then please go find someone who can provide them for you.
  • I’ll be open-minded and non-judgemental (as far as is humanly possible)
  • I will aim to be as compassionate, honest and empathic as possible.
  • I’ll do my best to interpret the cards to answer the question.
  • My interpretation isn’t the only one. Yours is just as valid, if not more as you know the situation you’re in better than I do.
  • I won’t knowingly read for under 18’s
  • I don’t read for people who haven’t asked for a reading. So, asking me to tell you why your ex won’t come back, isn’t going to happen.
  • I will respect your right to terminate or refuse a reading at any time.
  • If I feel unable to carry on with your reading, I will withdraw in a tactful and honest way.
  • I do not encourage dependency on the cards, so you won’t have me coerce you into coming back (but if you like me and what I did for you, that’s great, come on back!)
  • I would love to read for you again; please make sure that you’ve done your homework or the situation isn’t the same as it was when we spoke. Sometimes, you just need to wait things out and go through things.
  • I can refuse to read for you and I reserve the right to withhold why.