Buying A Consultation

I will try to acknowledge all consultation requests within 24 hours of PayPal sending me confirmation of payment. You can do so sooner by using the Contact Me page and dropping me a message. If you’re going to do that, please also include your question & what it is you hope to achieve with this reading. Whether it’s insight, clarification, a path to take. Please check your SPAM folders for replies, especially if you’re giving me a Google Mail address. They love to shove my replies into that folder!

Buy your tarot consultation. Let the cards help you at this junction of life.

Pricing Table

Internet, Video, Direct ConsultationsEmail Readings
1/2 hour consultation – £30Flash Reading – £10
1-hour consultation – £45One Question extended reading – £30

I offer various ways to have your consultation/reading obtained. Either via email, so you have a written record of it, or via the Internet, Video or directly with you. The £10 flash readings are great for quick advice and can be sent relatively quickly. The half-hour and hour Internet consultation depends on how deeply you want to go into your situation. Buying a reading is a big step, the cards can reveal some things you’d rather not deal with.

At this moment, thanks to PayPal, I’m having to INVOICE people directly. Please Contact Me to arrange this.

Why have an email reading?

  • You don’t want to meet people, even over a video call.
  • If you like things written down, so you can reference back
  • You want the tools to make some decisions about your life.
  • Feeling safe by being in familiar surroundings
  • If you require some clarity on your thoughts

Why have an Internet/direct consultation?

  • If you need insight & clarification
  • Want some tools to make some decisions about your life
  • Talk with someone impartial (but you don’t want to travel)
  • You want to feel safe by being in familiar surroundings
  • If you require some clarity on your thoughts
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