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Welcome to the first blog post for the new site; what a find you’ve stumbled into!

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It’s Easter, Ostara, the time of eggs, hunting for said things. But, it’s not always the chocolate variety that happens, I’m seeing it a lot in the authoring community. Easter Eggs are often used as references to one author’s book or characters being used in another author’s, sometimes a shared world, sometimes, a small scene.

Authors themselves sometimes do that in other books they’ve penned, especially if it’s a story that crosses genres.

Personally, I enjoy finding Easter eggs in books. I don’t mind the chocolate variety either. In fact, they typically go well together, especially when I’m writing a novel; it is often my “go-to” substance, depending on the time of day that the muse needs her fix.

Chocolate Eggs

Chocolate… what I don’t get is why people give it up, to then devour tons of it, sometimes in a day? Or maybe that’s just my kids… and me! Not that I’ve given chocolate up for years; I find the self-denial thing quite hard and detrimental to my health and not just physical, but my mental state.

Is that why people do Lent? To adjust their mental health?

It’s why I eat chocolate, not just at Ostara; to improve my mental health! Or stabilise it. I’m sure I am not the only one. I enjoy the same treats as everyone else, I just moderate the amount, and when.

Easter isn’t just about eggs, though if you’re my eldest, that is your sole focus, the “end” result is the quality, not the quantity.

So, what “eggs” are around for you? For me, just under a year ago, I became a published author. Lockdown 2020 gave me a “gift” of reading and I found it hard to find what I wanted to read and I couldn’t “go” to a library. Like any creative person, I created what I needed. How did I not make time for this before? This “egg” was there, something I’d tried years ago but hadn’t followed through on. I hadn’t “lived” so what the heck was I going to write about?

During 2020, I came across an old manuscript from twenty years ago: an old Easter egg, thankfully, not one that had gone mouldy over time. Sure, it needed a damn good polish and I applied the tricks I’d learned from my first publication (trust me, there were lots of ‘gifts learned’ in publishing that book!) Then I put it out there. It’s a little bit different from what I’ve written before, but not unlike the blog posts I’ve created on my other website.

What is this website, I hear you ask? Hehe… the egg is in this Ostara post already! Can you find it?

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