About Your Reading & Me

Let me tell you a little about myself & how I read the Tarot.

I felt called to the Tarot from a youngish age, since my teenage years, certainly. I still remember the day I purchased my first deck, where I was, who I was with. It’s been a life-long journey since then, sometimes, with a hiatus. For the last two decades, it’s been accumulative, daily, growing.

Louise on stairs, telling you about herself.

I trained with TABI, The Tarot Association of the British Isles. It appealed to me because of their strong ethics. I’ve worked closely with them in various roles over the years, but I am now quite happy learning with other luminaries in the Tarot community and helping develop younger Tarot talent. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, contact me on the social platforms at the top of the site, or via the contact page.

My Style of Reading

My style of reading is informed, perceptive and truthful. I will try to be gentle, but you will find me asking questions about your situation. It should help bring about insight and clarity that you’re seeking. It is important that when you come to me for a reading, we consider realistic options. The Tarot is, after all, a tool to help you achieve the best possible you and the best results at the moment of your reading.

The Tarot can, and often does, provide an overview of what is going on in your life; you will need to take positive steps thereafter to achieve the outcomes you desire. There are a number of options that we can choose for the delivery of your Tarot reading. Even with Covid, we can talk via video chat (I’ve chatted to people in Australia, Hawaii, Florida… the World is a smaller place thanks to the Internet!) Please feel free to contact me to arrange a reading.

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