Frequently Asked Questions

I’ll try to answer most of the frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) I’ve received over the years here. If I don’t answer your question here, you can just drop me a line.

Why should I pick you?

I’m like the Stoat from The Wildwood, I’m able to discern the truth and I have a good ability to listen, as well as be discreet. What is said between us stays between us. Skills I’ve learned in my corporate life, as well as my Tarot and now publishing life.
I also have experience in reading the cards and answering the questions which are on your mind, which aren’t always the ones you’ve vocalised. I’m able to tell when the Tarot is telling me answers to an unasked question.

I combine elements, numerology, basic astrology, runes, i-Ching with my readings. Can you imagine that many reference books before you if you try to do this on your own?

What kind of readings do you do?

This is a more frequently question than you’d think. Can I tell the future? Or the lottery numbers? If I could and did, I’d not be in the middle of England! What it does do, and how I use the cards, is provide you with a window into your own inner resources, offering you a greater understanding, so you can make better choices, understand your options, give you clarity. I do this y having a discussion with you, however you’re comfortable with that happening. I listen. This helps me understand both why you’re asking, and for me to help you phrase the question in the best way. The same as a doctor, lawyer, mechanic, a counsellor would.

Why should I pay you?

Okay, good one! You’re not just paying for my time right now. You’re paying me back for the fifteen-plus years I have spent learning, studying, understanding, talking, living, breathing the Tarot and the other skills I use. Likewise, you can get free readings, sure (TABI offer Free Readings of up to 3 cards) and you can get them done via Apps on your phone these days. Do they really answer your question? There are nuances in reading cards that the apps just don’t do. I don’t solve mathematical equations, or work to prove string theory exists. I’m human, I am empathic, I can see connections where others can’t. And like you, I have bills to pay and in the exchange of money for services, there’s a contract. A fair exchange. Don’t you want to be treated fairly?

What is the Tarot?

The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards in a set structure. Poker playing cards are based on this system, though with 3 courts rather than 4. And the Tarot has the Major Arcana, the “bigger” life picture. Yes, they’ve been used in James Bond movies (The Lovers card with Jane Seymour in Live and Let Die) and various programmes through the years. They will again. Even as my author self, they’ve featured.

How does it work?

The future is fluid, like a river that constantly flows. In that regard, I view the Tarot as being the signs along the river of life, indicating where it might be good for you to navigate your boat to, and where to avoid. The more you navigate your own boat, the better your journey will be. Occasionally, we need to moor up, take stock, rest. Then we are required to get on with the journey. The more of an active part you play, the better the journey will be for you. I’m just here, at a jetty, cooking food and helping you take stock for a moment, giving you ideas of which stream to float on down.

Can I email you questions beforehand?

Please, do! Drop me a line, I’d rather do the back and forth beforehand, than in the actual session. There, we have a set amount of time that doesn’t need to be wasted.

Why are your readings for entertainment purposes only?

This is quite a frequently asked question, so here’s the answer: In May 2008, The British Government (along with a few others) created a new law which, in essence, says you should regard Tarot Readings as entertainment. I abide by that law. What I advise isn’t a substitute for professional legal, financial or counselling advice.

If I’m not happy, can I have my money back?

My refund policy is right here, and I ask that you purchase mindfully.

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